“Let’s get this thing done!” (whatever the “this” might be)

If this is something you might say, then you are in the business of getting things done quickly. You are someone who aims to surge.

Surge. This is the term I use for rapid and robust action. There are lots of other terms that capture the same idea of getting things done through concentrated and concerted effort:

  • Turbo-charging
  • A big push
  • All-out action
  • Escalation
  • Speedy mobilisation
  • All hands to the pump
  • Explosive action

It’s likely that the organisation you work for or the community you belong to would benefit from being able to surge better when it has or chooses to. The same is true of you. You’ve doubtless had times in your life when it would have been good to achieve something really quickly.

Want to: Stop a flood? Get a building up quickly? Achieve a climate change mitigation project? Bring about an urgent development? Respond to a natural disaster? Meet an urgent deadline?

These are just a few of the kinds of tasks and goals that may require surge action to achieve.